Fixed Income

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Our Approach to Fixed Income Investment Management

Howe & Rusling has a strong tradition of fixed income excellence, managing fixed income accounts for both return-oriented clients and for clients interested in using their portfolio to generate income.  Howe & Rusling manages portfolios for both tax-sensitive and non-taxable clients, and also specializes in both self-insurance trusts and cash management accounts.

Our fixed income analysts use a combination of macroeconomic analysis & forecasting, proprietary modeling, sector-specific research, and financial reporting analysis.  All securities are considered based on their yield to maturity, risk/reward profile, their liquidity, their optionality, and how they fit into each portfolio. 

Howe & Rusling’s primary fixed income expertise is in the Treasury, agency, investment grade corporate, municipal, and agency mortgage backed sectors; however, Howe & Rusling also has experience in other sectors.  Howe & Rusling has robust trading programs and best-execution policies to ensure our clients get competitive pricing, and to maximize their liquidity.

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