Our Approach to ETF Investment Management

In addition to our core equity and fixed income portfolios, Howe & Rusling also offers ETF portfolios. The purpose of our ETF portfolios is to allow our clients with smaller accounts to achieve the diversification and sector allocations of our larger clients, without sustaining a disproportionate amount of transaction charges. We also use ETFs in many of our core accounts to achieve extra exposure to certain sectors of the market, such as international equities or gold. 

The advantage of using Howe & Rusling to manage your ETFs is in our understanding of the product and the market. ETFs are selected to follow specific sectors and are judged on past performance, liquidity, and expense ratios. Our relationships with and knowledge of ETF providers enables Howe & Rusling to avoid unattractive ETF prices and target the most beneficial ETFs for our needs. The portfolio is consistently monitored by the Howe & Rusling equity team who change the sector weightings in accordance with their view of the market. Therefore, our ETF portfolios adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Howe & Rusling offers several ETF portfolios, each catering to different needs and risk preferences:

ETF 1 Portfolio: Comprised of 10 to 14 ETFs to follow a blended “all-world approach” tactically weighted towards specific sectors.

ETF 2 Portfolio: Comprised of 5 to 7 ETFs, this portfolio attempts follow our ETF 1 portfolio as closely as possible holding only half the securites. ETF 2 is used for our clients’ smallest portfolios, such as accounts established for children.

Fixed Income ETF: Comprised of 3 to 5 ETFs to provide small accounts with short to intermediate duration fixed income exposure.

Balanced ETF Portfolio: Blends our ETF1 or 2 portfolio with our Fixed Income ETF Porfolio according to an individual's risk preference.

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