Enjoying Retirement

Spend More Time Enjoying Your Retirement

Clients that are in retirement have come to expect expertise in generating income from their portfolio when working with portfolio managers at Howe & Rusling. Our vast experience in the fixed income market combined with our high-quality approach to stock selection give clients confidence in their expectation of a monthly/quarterly/yearly “paycheck.” Depending on a client’s risk characteristics and time horizon, portfolio managers help construct a portfolio that is durable enough to provide the client income to support his or her lifestyle in retirement while also being comfortable with the amount of inherent risk in the portfolio.

  • Decide on what “accounts” to pull income from. In general, tap taxable accounts first, tax-deferred second, and tax-free third to benefit from compounding.
  • Update/establish your estate plan and make sure all beneficiary information is current/accurate.
  • Review asset allocation - prioritize growth versus income.
  • Consider effects of withdrawal rate from portfolio, based on age, longevity, life priorities.
  • Make sure you factor in things you can’t control: inflation, health care costs, longevity, etc.
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