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Our Approach to ETF Investment Management

In addition to our core equity and fixed income portfolios, Howe & Rusling also offers ETF portfolios. The purpose of our ETF portfolios is to allow our clients with smaller accounts to achieve the diversification and sector allocations of our larger clients, without sustaining a disproportionate amount of transaction charges. We also use ETFs in many of our core accounts to achieve extra exposure to certain sectors of the market, such as international equities or gold. 

Our Approach to Equity Investment Management

Howe & Rusling has developed a comprehensive approach to equity management utilizing a combination of top-down economic research, proprietary quantitative modeling, and industry specific and company specific analysis to develop a full understanding and compelling investment thesis for every stock we purchase for our clients.

Our Approach to Fixed Income Investment Management

Howe & Rusling has a strong tradition of fixed income excellence, managing fixed income accounts for both return-oriented clients and for clients interested in using their portfolios to generate income.  Howe & Rusling manages portfolios for both tax-sensitive and non-taxable clients and also specializes in both self-insurance trusts and cash management accounts.

Some advisors tend to believe that alternatives are a panacea for diversification, risk management, and return enhancement, while other advisors believe that they are expensive and ineffective.  Howe & Rusling is of the belief that although alternatives aren't appropriate for the majority of clients, for some clients, certain alternative investments can be a prudent addition to a portfolio. Such clients are generally ultra high net worth individuals or endowments for whom liquidity is not a concern.

Not-For-Profit Asset Management Services

Assisting not-for-profits in meeting their performance objectives is a small part in the overall relationship between Howe & Rusling and its not-for-profit partners. 

With money market yields near zero percent, it often makes sense to establish a managed corporate cash account to improve the yield while maintaining a high degree of stability and liquidity.  Howe & Rusling’s Cash Management Portfolios seek to accomplish this, tailored to the specific liquidity, outflow, and risk requirements of your corporation. 

Careers at Howe & Rusling


Howe & Rusling is looking to bring in new advisors who are as committed to our philosophy of Character, Competence and Service as we are.

Managing Insurance Assets

Nearly two decades ago, Howe & Rusling started managing insurance assets for a large insurance company.  Managing assets for insurance clients has become a critical part of the firm’s business and insurance assets now represent approximately 10% of the firm’s total assets.  

We understand the many fine points and details of investment portfolio management for insurance companies:

Spend More Time Enjoying Your Retirement

Transitioning to Retirement

Accumulating Wealth

At Howe & Rusling, we think there are three distinct phases to retirement planning.  Click a section of the chart to learn more!

A Brief History of Howe & Rusling

2010 Howe & Rusling celebrates its 80th anniversary by launching a new website
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