As Rochester's first investment advisor, Howe & Rusling has been featured in the Rochester Historical Society’s latest exhibit:
All Busine$$: 190 Years of Rochester Ingenuity. Alongside other Rochester businesses such as Harris Beach, Gleason Works, and Hickey Freeman, Howe & Rusling was chosen as one of a select number of successful, longstanding Rochester businesses that are still in existence today.

The exhibit opened on June 21st at the Historical Society’s new home: The Rundel Memorial Library in Rochester. Large open rooms in the upstairs of the grand library are full of artifacts and pictures from the various featured companies. The Society put together beautiful wall hangings for each company, featuring a description of the business, its history, pictures from its early days, fun facts, and a depiction of where it is today.

For those clients in the Rochester area, keep on the lookout for an invitation to a special reception we will be holding at the Historical Society to celebrate our history, success, and tradition. We are incredibly proud and grateful to not only be a part of such a wonderful exhibit, but to be a part of Rochester’s deep and rich history!