2nd Quarter Newsletter

Equity Market

We’ve been overweight stocks relative to bonds in our overall asset allocation for balanced accounts from a strategic perspective for most of this period of economic recovery, but this quarter led us to a decision to neutralize our stock and bond allocation. [more]

Bond Market

The direction of longer-term interest rates this past quarter has been trending lower, in spite of two increases of 0.25% to the fed funds rate. [more]

Howe and Rusling

Howe & Rusling is a Registered Investment Advisor. We place our clients’ wishes above anything else. We pledge to provide an honest relationship with our clients that fosters openness, trust, and care. We promise to be responsive to our clients’ requests as soon as possible, and to the best of our ability. We promise that our number one goal will always be to act in the genuine interest of our clients, and our fiduciary responsibility ties us to that promise. We will approach each client relationship as a team, and every single unique member of our Howe & Rusling team will be dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ various needs.